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Social Bookmarking And Site Promotion

Firstly let’s all get up to speed and cover social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is the process of storing you bookmarks or (websites added to your favourites) on a publicly accessible website. This allows people to essentially store their favourites on a website which will be available wherever they are and whatever PC they are accessing the internet from.

Social Bookmarking sites are predicted to make huge gains in popularity in the near future as the boom around user generated content increases and the internet increases in size making finding quality sites harder. Yahoo acquired in December 2005 and they have experienced a 300% increase in their user base since then which shows the growth of these sites.

So now to the main point, can social bookmarking sites be used for website promotion? In an attempt to stop marketing and promotion SPAM most social tagging sites have implemented the now famous nofollow attribute tags (like Wikipedia) meaning no link popularity can be passed on from these sites.

However despite the attempts to prevent any link popularity and SEO benefit being gained, there are still some great benefits to be had by submitting websites to the social plethora of social bookmarking sites. Most enjoy good search engine ranking and appear high up on a huge amount of search terms, this can provide some excellent search engine visibility by population for listings with your sites links.

This provided with searches from the bookmarking sites can provide some good traffic. This can work especially well if used in conjunction with link bait or viral marketing, as a sites exposure increases exponentially as it gets more “bookmarks”.

The increased traffic and search engine listings can increase brand awareness and can be especially useful when launching a new site. So despite the nofollow’s social tagging sites can yield some very impressive results especially when used in conjunction other SEO and link generation methods.

Look out for the next article which will explain how best to go about submitting to social bookmarking sites and what content to use for maximum benefit.

Home Based Business Ideas – Promoting Your Online Home Based Business the Easy Way

There are many different ways to promote your online home based business. There is no single method to guarantee your success in online home-based business. Just like, weight loss program, there is no magic to the success in weight loss or ways to make money from home without putting in effort. However, you shall achieve certain level of success if you do it the right way and putting sufficient effort. Here are some of the strategies you can use to promote your online business.First, place banner ads can be highly effective way to market your online home based business. The most ideal location for a banner ad is placing the banner ads to the website with heavy traffic and also the products and services relevant to your online home based business but without having direct competition. Example, a website selling property, target buyer for high end property, advertise your banner on this website which providing interior designer services to this buyer. This property website will attract visitors who are interested for interior design services. This means, the website will drive targeted traffic to your website. There are many website provide such banner advertisement services, you just need to do some research to find out which website benefit your online business banner ad.Second, participate in industry related blog, is one of the easiest ways to promote your online work from home business. Most of the blog allow people to share information related to the subject and allow posting back-link to their website. This will give visibility to your online business and drive targeted traffic to your online home based business website.Third, participate in Yahoo! Answers is a new way to find and share information. You can ask questions on any topic, such as how to promote your online home based business, you can get answers from real people give you the fruitful information. Besides asking question, you can also participate in answer question related to your online home based business. This way, you can drive targeted traffic to your website, in a way to promote your online work from home business.Fourth, participate in industry related message boards. An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site whereby members with common interest share information and support each other on specific subjects. You can search for discussion boards which related to your industry and online home based business and participate on the discussion. Usually, you are allowed to post back-link on your comment and link back to your website. This gives opportunity to promote your online home based website and reach out to your targeted visitors.Fifth, submit your website to article directory. There are paid and free article directory provide such facility. Write rich content articles related to your home based business and submit to relevant article directory, such as EzineArticles, hub pages and other article directories. Article directories allows you to put in signature and link back to your website. Your articles will reach out to huge visitors and the intended visitor will access to your site to find out more information on your website.